Developing a website or application can be an intimidating experience, especially for those who are in the process of building their first website. We guide our clients through each step of the project and help them to develop a plan from the ground up.


It starts with an initial meeting with you or a member of your staff to discuss project requirements. This includes building an outline for navigational elements, text content and discussion of applications or technology components that may be required to meet your business needs.


We work directly with you to create a custom solution based on your unique business requirements. We develop the first pass pages and navigation and confirm the ideas we discussed in the previous phase. This is the phase in the process where we bring your ideas to life through a prototype web application.


Building graphic components, writing code, programming, testing, validating and documenting the work effort. We communicate with you or a member of your staff to make sure that we are meeting your needs throughout the development life-cycle.


This involves testing of the operational system by internal staff, before it is released to internal or external customers of your business. We conduct various tests to make sure the pages are intuitive and easy navigate.


After receiving your approval, we launch the project! Our team will make sure everything runs smoothly and that you understand how to utilize your new solution to gain the highest possible business benefit.